What are the requirements for UR housing?

1. Income Requirement


Rent Amount
Standard Monthly Income
¥62,500 and below
Montly salary shoud be 4 times the value of the rent.
Rent of ¥45,000, you have to have a monthly income of ¥180,000.
¥62,500 and above
¥200,000 and below
Monthly income of ¥250,000 and above.
¥200,000 and above
Monthly income of ¥400,000 and above.


If above requirement is not applicable, below are other options.

①Paying 1 year rent plus deposit in advance.

②To have a Japanese Yen saving in the bank equivalent to 100 times of the rent.



At least 1 Year VISA. Short-term VISA is not permitted.